Feedback from Your Body - ZYTO Scan Technology

Ozone Therapy Has Many Benefits

Unleash the power of ozone to encourage your body to heal itself naturally. Ozone therapy is used extensively by alternative medicine doctors in Europe. In North America, it is beginning to gain popularity as a natural way to reduce swelling and pain from inflammatory illness and injury. Several types of regenerative medicine procedures use ozone, including 10 pass ozone therapy, multi-pass and high dose ozone therapy in Bloomfield Hills. Each one differs in the amount of ozone enrichment given through the reinjection of a sample of the patient’s own blood. Patients find the benefits of ozone therapy used on its own to be excellent. However, combining high dose ozone therapy with other treatments such as PRP injections in Bloomfield Hills, or stem cell therapy in Kalamazoo typically enhances the results. Ozone therapy is available at both of our American Regenerative Clinic locations in Kalamazoo and Bingham Farms Michigan. 

Could You Benefit from Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone therapy combines the power of ozone with vitamins and minerals needed to reduce swelling and promote healing. Prolozone therapy in Bloomfield Hills is a two-step process that alleviates all kinds of joint pain. First, vitamin and mineral solutions are injected into the affected area. Ozone is then introduced, increasing metabolism and boosting healing power well beyond the site of the injection. Learn more about the benefits and advantages of prolozone therapy in Kalamazoo on our website. 

PRP Injections Plus Intravenous Ozone Therapy

Platelet-rich-plasma injections or PRP injections are another effective, non-surgical way to manage pain. Platelets contain growth factors and proteins which are needed for the regeneration and growth of new tissue. We combine PRP injections with high-dose ozone to benefit patients with damaged bone or soft tissues and other forms of chronic pain. The combination of two therapies works more effectively than either one used in isolation. 

What About Stem Cell Therapy?

Cell therapy uses stem cells from one part of the body to treat other parts where there is a need for regeneration, growth and support for healing. Stem cells, when relocated, will grow into the type of cells around them. Stem cells have natural anti-inflammatory properties and therefore help reduce swelling while the healing process is underway. If you suffer from chronic joint or back pain, neurological disorders like MS or Parkinson disease, call us to find out if regenerative medicine treatments such as stem cell therapy could help you.  

Zyto Scanning – Directing the Course of Alternative Medicine

It is common for people to be less vigilant about maintaining their health, ignoring outward signs becoming symptomatic. As a result, most of our healthcare focuses on dealing with problems after they have become significant rather than proactively avoiding them. ZYTO scan technology gives us the information needed to provide our bodies with the support for small day-to-day problems before they become significant issues. ZYTO scan technology is quick and painless. ZYTO scan works by sending small energetic pulses through your hand and back to the scanner. ZYTO measures the response and gives feedback on your biological preferences. This information is used by alternative medicine doctors to make better decisions about your health. Call us at (248) 876-4242 to schedule your ZYTO scan with Dr. Andre Lutskovsky of the American Regenerative Clinic in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Bingham Farms, Michigan. Let us help you rejuvenate your body naturally and get back to your energetic self! We also offer intravenous ozone therapy and aesthetic services like Ultra V Lift non-surgical face lifting and a range of skincare treatments using Elina Organics natural products.