Prolotherapy – Alternative Medicine to Stimulate Natural Tissue Repair

Feedback from Your Body - Prolotherapy in Blooflield Hills

Looking for Alternatives to Non-Surgical Facelifts?

American Regenerative Clinic offers Ultra V Lift facelift treatments at both of its Michigan locations. Ultra V Lift is well known for its ability to reduce the look of aging skin and eliminate the effects of wrinkles. Find out if Ultra V Lift in Bloomfield Hills is the right option for you by calling us or filling out the form below. We also offer luxurious facial and skincare treatments to nourish and revitalize your skin naturally. Only all-natural Elina Organics products are used in our skincare treatments. Pamper your self today!

Prolotherapy – Alternative Medicine to Stimulate Natural Tissue Repair

Muscle and joint pain can seriously reduce your quality of life. Painful surgery may not seem like a good option to solve the problem. However, there are natural ways to stimulate the body’s own healing response. Prolotherapy Bloomfield Hills does just that by injecting an irritant into the injured area. This stimulates mild inflammation resulting in increased blood flow and a flood of nutrients and growth factors to the area, strengthening weakened joints and ligaments. Call us to learn about prolotherapy Bloomfield Hills, Kalamazoo, and Bingham Farms, Michigan and how you could benefit.

Using Stem Cells to Reduce Pain and Enhance Well-Being

Stem cells taken from one part of the body and injected into another will grow into the type of cells surrounding them. Stem cell therapy in Bloomfield Hills promotes regrowth and healing of injured joints and soft tissues. If you suffer from chronic joint pain, or are concerned about the slow process of healing of other injuries, get in touch with us to talk about stem cell therapy.

PRP Injections and Prolozone Therapy Are Useful Treatments

Stem cell therapy works well on its own, however, the benefits are increased when combined with other alternative medical procedures. Platelet-rich-plasma injections – PRP injections and Prolozone therapy in Bloomfield Hills and Kalamazoo are two such procedures. For people who suffer from back pain, joint pain, inflammatory illnesses and immune disorders, the combination of PRP injections, prolozone and stem cell treatments are very effective.

High Dose Ozone Therapy Available at Both American Regenerative Clinic Locations

Both of our American Regenerative Clinic locations, in Kalamazoo and Bingham Farms, Michigan, offer high dose ozone therapy as an additional and powerful way to manage pain, heal injuries and reduce the effects of a variety of illnesses. Learn more about high-dose ozone therapy, including what to expect during and after the treatments.

Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky is a renowned alternative medicine doctor who has been studying and practicing these techniques for over 20 years. Get in touch with us at American Regenerative Clinic by calling (248) 876-4242. Submit the form below to learn more and to discuss how regenerative therapies including prolotherapy Bloomfield Hills can restore you to better health and greater energy.

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