EBOO Therapy

What is EBOO?

EBOO therapyExtracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO) is transforming the use of ozone in treating toxicity and chronic illness. EBOO is the most advanced ozone therapy and can even be more effective than multi-pass high dose ozone therapy. The power of EBOO lies in both the ozonation and filtration processes, the only dual ozonation and filtration process that exists in the world today.

EBOO uses a dialysis filter to clean blood from the debris of destroyed germs, heavy metals, fungus, reduction of chronic inflammation etc., and to ozonate the blood in stages. Blood is drawn from one patient’s vein, goes through the filter, gets ozonated, and then reintroduced into the patient via another vein. The entire process happens within a closed system to eliminate the possibility of contamination in just 45-60 minutes!

The EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation) is a unique form of therapy that heals and detoxifies by stimulating oxygen metabolism, activating the immune system, and eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeast, and protozoa. The most advanced form of ozone treatment available today, a single session can actively detoxify several liters of blood using a fresh, continuous flow of ozone.

Ozone therapy is re-emerging in contemporary medicine and is gaining renewed interest among patients!
During the EBOO treatment Ozone increases tissue oxygenation by infusing the mitochondria with oxygen, resulting in increased energy. To the extent that ozone enhances blood flow, it relieves pain and inflammation. It also up-regulates antioxidant enzyme defenses, scavenging excess free radicals, which is key in rejuvenation and overall health.

Who Can Benefit from EBOO?

EBOO, which stands for extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation is transforming the use of ozone in treating toxicity and chronic illness. While several other methods of ozone therapy are available, EBOO offers the most efficient treatment in the world up to date. For over a century, this form of ozone therapy has effectively and safely been utilized as a part of an overall treatment plan for:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Bacterial and viral pathologies
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Macular degeneration
  • Chronic bladder conditions
  • Colitis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Crohn’s disease

If you suffer from any of the above or are curious about the effect of medical ozone on your condition, please contact American Regenerative Clinic to find out if EBOO is right for you.

What to Expect

When you book an appointment for EBOO therapy at American Regenerative Clinic in Bingham Farms, Michigan you can expect your blood to be drawn from one vein, passed through an EBOO dialysis filter (designed to clean blood from the debris of destroyed germs, heavy metals, fungus, etc.), ozonated in stages, and reintroduced via another vein.

The entire process takes approximately 1 hour to complete and happens within a closed system to eliminate the possibility of contamination. Approximately 1.8 to 3 liters of blood to be filtered through the dialysis system and enriched with ozone.

How Often Are Treatments Administered and How Many Do I Need?

The number of treatment sessions and the ozone dosage administered will depend on your overall health, age, and the main condition you are suffering from. Treatments are administered once a week, and typically speaking, patients can expect to notice an improvement between the 2nd and 4th session, with full antioxidant defense mechanisms activated by the 4th treatment. Depending on your healthcare provider’s recommendation, the cycle can be repeated every 3-4 months as needed.

Is EBOO Therapy Safe?

There are no discernable side effects, and the treatment is minimally invasive.  Introducing Ozone during treatment has been proven to be extremely safe, with minor irritation to the respiratory system, if inhaled. That being said, if you have been diagnosed with certain conditions, please speak to a professional before proceeding with the medical use of ozone. These may include the acute and chronic tendency for bleeding/hemophilia, pregnancy, photosensitivity (or patients currently taking photo-active medicines), active diverticulitis, active diverticulosis, low platelet count, porphyria (UV blood irradiation), uncompensated hyperthyroidism (graves status), thyrotoxicosis, a known deficiency of the glucose-6-phosphate enzyme (G6PD), asthma, severe cardiovascular instability, uncompensated diabetes, acute alcohol intoxication, massive and acute hemorrhage or apoplectic stroke, thrombocytopenia less than 50,000, serious coagulation disorders, severe hypertension condition, convulsive states, hemochromatosis, ozone intolerance, ozone allergy.

EBOO Therapy Pre-Procedure Guidelines

EBOO will not impair your ability to drive, work or complete regular daily tasks, however, please follow these doctor-recommended guidelines when considering EBOO.

It is the best to prepare the body beforehand ideally:

– Hydration is important. Please increase your water intake
-Avoid Alcohol
-Avoid Carbonated Drinks (At least 4 hours Prior)
-Avoid Smoking, this inhibits blood flow (This includes Tobacco and Cannabis)
-On the day of treatment, please discontinue your antioxidant supplements.
-Eat a full, healthy Breakfast.

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