IV TherapyIV Therapy is still the most effective mode of delivery in medical field. It is why most patient are greatly improve in ER after just a bag of saline. It always attractive to get a single magic pill or handful of supplements to fix ongoing problems or improve ourselves. But it rarely works, because our GI tract often screwed with SAD (Standard American Diet), pollutants, and wrong medications. It requires some adjustments, and sometimes long therapy to digest properly. Again, we presume, you know what to put in your mouth. Before it happen, the best way is to provide injectables, preferably intravenous, to deliver help immediately, and take extra load from the liver.

Understandably, it is more invasive and more expensive mode of treatment, but is the most effective.

IV Ozone (10-pass and EBOO)


Those are biologically super active nanoparticles produced by stem cells and other cells. Exosomes contain much more growth factors than stem cells and often can substitute or complement stem cell therapy itself. Most exosomes on the cell market harvested from amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord during delivery of healthy babies from healthy mothers. They could be used for local or intravenous injections to treat multiple health ailments, or for rejuvenation. Autologous exosomes is a new development in medicine. Blood sample could be sent to the lab, where exosomes get extracted and sent back for procedure in 2 weeks.


Peptides are short chains of amino acids. There are not proteins yet, but some of them could be very active by regulating health and performance goals, and helping to treat health disorders from simple weight loss to aging and chronic inflammation. There are different modes of delivery available, from skin products to IV formulations. Obviously, injections work more efficiently, especially when combined with other modalities like systemic ozone therapy. The most popular ones are: BPC-157, LL-37, GHK, CJC1295, NAD+, etc.


Homotoxycology products, especially injectable ones, became part of our clinic treatment plan. In order to improve detoxification process, decrease inflammation, enhance immune system, and eventually help specific organs or whole body to recover, this branch of modern naturopathic medicine offers great solution. Injectable homeopathic products could be administered subcutaneously or intravenously, often combined with our other protocols. The best mode of action was noted if used with 10-pass ozone therapy.

HDVC (High Dose Vitamin C)

It is an excellent tool to boost immune system. It became popular years ago in treatment of cancer patients, helping them improve fighting ability. We use only Sodium Ascorbate (not Ascorbic Acid, which could be toxic for most people)at doses from 25-50g and up during single procedure.


Chelation was proven as the best treatment for heavy metals poisoning, especially lead. For decades it was used by alternative clinicians for atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart issues. We combine IV EDTA with multiple pass ozone therapy, and 2 days before EBOO for better effect.

Nutritional IV Drips

Nutritional IV Drips normally added to our other treatments, or could be used separately. They include Energy Drip, Rejuvenation Drip, Anti-inflammatory Drip, etc. They are assortments of vitamins, electrolytes, micro elements, peptides, etc., adjusted to every patient’s needs.


Our clinic is certified to represent this world famous lab from Greece to diagnose and treat number of serious diseases, including cancer, Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders, etc. We provide blood draw, shipment, results interpretation, and individualized treatment plan (including the most popular SOT), which based on personalized genetic product development from the blood sample and its administration.

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