I am on recovery road for last 3 months. I am getting better every day.
Less pain and looking to get better each day.

Jean, Echo Bay, Ontario, Stem Cell Therapy

When I came to the clinic I was walking slumped over with pain. My knees were bone on bone. I received the Stem Cell injections and began my therapy. I am walking remarkably better. Most of all, I am not bone on bone. NO PAIN in my knees.

Sherry, Detroit MI, Stem Cell Therapy

After left knee replacement surgery I began to read about stem cell injections knowing that my right knee was in need of help down the line. My stem cell injections have relieved my pain in a short time and I only wish others could experience this for themselves.

Ann W., Birmingham, MI, Stem Cell Therapy

I first discover Dr. Lutskovsky and American Regenerative Clinic while researching Derm pen treatments and PDO threads. Initial phone contact with the office was very professional and knowledgeable which lead me to book a consultation to discuss both procedures. I was very impressed with Dr.Lutskovsky’s comprehensive approach to preventative aesthetics procedures. PDO threads are very well documented and executed outside of the US. I was quite surprised that this procedure is barely known here as the results are quite stunning and natural looking. My threading was scheduled two weeks before Thanksgiving in order to allow adequate heal time before the holiday. The results are quite worth the downtime! My jawline is tight and the few areas that bothered me look fresh and most importantly, natural. I highly recommend American Regenerative clinic for a variety of aesthetic services and especially PDO threads.

Rene, PDO Thread Lifting

I noticed a big difference as I sat in the beautician’s chair. Usually the lights were not flattering, but this time even without makeup, I looked better than I had the time before. My hairdresser noticed and asked what I had done.

Debra C., Schoolcraft, MI, Face & Neck PRP

After months of pains and losing hope to get better I came across Dr. Lutskovsky who is compassionate and goes the extra mile for his patients. With time and patience I got my life back- No pains. Thank you Dr.

Mati L., Farmington Hills, MI, Lumbar Prolotherapy

My hip has improved. My pain level has reduced, and I have more good days, than bad days. Before treatment, I was taking pain medicine occasionally, but have not needed it since the first treatment!

Jay M., Oxford, MI, Hip PRP

I was contemplating plastic surgery for a long time which is how I found out about this. Before I had this done, I stopped looking at myself in the mirror because it made me sad to see the changes in my face. Elina asked me why I still hadn’t made an appointment with Dr. Andrey because he is the best non surgical solution for me. I met with Dr. Andrey and he analyzed my skin and the two of us decided together how he will reverse my aging face. During the process, he was so kind, so gentle, I still can not get over how calming it was in the room. I felt like I was in the best hands possible. You can tell that he has such an eye and passion for this. Immediately afterwards when I looked in the mirror post procedure I was in SHOCK and I am still over whelmed. I was able to drive myself home after the procedure and work a cabaret the very next day. I made sure to take it easy for a few days but overall the recovery time was no comparison to a face lift. I am a confident person but I can not believe how much more confidence I have now! My husband loves it! I feel so free now. Thank you so much to the Dr. Andrey and Elina Organics, I owe you everything

Darcy, Face PRP

Like everyone else I was starting to lose volume in my facial tissue giving me a drawn, sunken look, particularly under my eyes. Dr. Andrey restored a full natural look to my face with PRP therapy. I’m a believer!

Christopher S., Detroit, MI, Face PRP

I came to American Regenerative Clinic for treatment of arthritis. I was determined not to let this condition get the best of me! I am pleased to say that I have received relief from my pain, stiffness and swelling. Although there is no cure for arthritis, I definitely see the benefits of PRP therapy. Dr. Andrey’s team is professional and knowledgeable.

Valerie, O., White Lake, MI, Hand and Foot PRP

Dr. Andrey,
Thank you for doing the PRP injection inside of my nose. I sense an improvement. There is more moisture I the top of my mouth and I am seeing some improvement in the breathing. I am very glad you went through with the treatment. Thank you for injecting higher up in the nose. Thank you for your good work, I am grateful.

Lina H., Danbury, CT, Nose PRP

Shots in my knees (two) and in my shoulder. Amazing relief of pain!

Gary R., Royal Oak, MI, Knee & Shoulder PRP

I have seen definite reduction in wrinkles and quality of my skin. I am so pleased with the first result that I intend to seek additional treatments to further reverse signs of aging!

Lillian N., Kalamazoo, MI, Face PRP with Natural Autologous Gel Filler

I am very happy with my results, they are very good. I have no more discomfort with regular movement. Before I had a lot of difficulty walking, now there is only minor discomfort going down stairs. Otherwise, I feel a lot better!

Assaadallah A., Brooklyn, NY, Progenitor Cell Therapy with PRP


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