I am very happy with my results, they are very good. I have no more discomfort with regular movement. Before I had a lot of difficulty walking, now there is only minor discomfort going down stairs. Otherwise, I feel a lot better!

Assaadallah A., Brooklyn, NY

Progenitor Cell Therapy with PRP

I have seen definite reduction in wrinkles and quality of my skin. I am so pleased with the first result that I intend to seek additional treatments to further reverse signs of aging!

Lillian N., Kalamazoo, MI

Face PRP with Natural Autologous Gel Filler

Shots in my knees (two) and in my shoulder. Amazing relief of pain!

Gary R., Royal Oak, MI

Knee & Shoulder PRP

Dr. Andrey,
Thank you for doing the PRP injection inside of my nose. I sense an improvement. There is more moisture I the top of my mouth and I am seeing some improvement in the breathing. I am very glad you went through with the treatment. Thank you for injecting higher up in the nose. Thank you for your good work, I am grateful.

Lina H., Danbury, CT

Nose PRP

I came to American Regenerative Clinic for treatment of arthritis. I was determined not to let this condition get the best of me! I am pleased to say that I have received relief from my pain, stiffness and swelling. Although there is no cure for arthritis, I definitely see the benefits of PRP therapy. Dr. Andrey’s team is professional and knowledgeable.

Valerie, O., White Lake, MI

Hand and Foot PRP

Like everyone else I was starting to lose volume in my facial tissue giving me a drawn, sunken look, particularly under my eyes. Dr. Andrey restored a full natural look to my face with PRP therapy. I’m a believer!

Christopher S., Detroit, MI

Face PRP
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