How Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Help You?

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, can benefit you because it is a safe, non-invasive procedure that allows the body to heal on its own. It is typically an affordable treatment and the healing process takes place quicker than with other treatments. PRP is used to treat arthritis, tendonitis and torn muscles and ligaments. It is also used to alleviate pain and heal bones and damaged tissue.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

PRP is a procedure that uses a patient’s own blood platelets to heal damaged tissue in another part of the body. The PRP process involves taking a sample of blood and putting it into a centrifuge. The centrifuge concentrates and separates the platelets and plasma, and then the concentrated blood is injected into the damaged area. PRP then repairs the damaged area by rebuilding the tissue.

Why Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Work?

PRP can strengthen weak tissues, improve joint and muscle function and accelerate the healing process by encouraging cell growth. PRP is filled with proteins, nutrients and growth factors that are needed in order to repair damaged tissue. Typically, 1-4 sessions are required but it depends on the injury and patient.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a self-healing treatment whereby the injured area is injected with an irritant that causes inflammation. The inflammation creates a healing process that increases nutrients, blood supply and growth factors to the area of injury. Essentially, Prolotherapy allows the damaged tissue to repair itself through this process.


What Are the Benefits of Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that allows the body to heal itself. Prolotherapy is often more affordable than other treatments and is deemed a safe way for the body to heal.


How Do Prolotherapy Treatments Work?

The number of Prolotherapy treatments a patient needs depends on the injury. Typically, the patient undergoes 2-8 treatments of Prolotherapy, and each treatment involves multiple injections into the injured tendon or ligament, which stimulates the injured tissue to eventually heal on its’ own.

Cryo Face Firming Treatment

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