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What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy? Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment used to repair your body by using stem cells pulled from a different location of your body. Stem cells are often taken from fat tissues or bone marrow, and are injected into an area of disease, inflammation or injury. The stem [...]

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What Is Ozone Therapy?

What is Ozone Therapy? Ozone Therapy is an alternative form of treatment used to treat various diseases, viruses and bacteria. Ozone is a form of oxygen, but unlike oxygen, ozone is made up of three atoms rather than two. That third atom is what gives ozone medical benefits. Our body takes in oxygen on its’ [...]

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Groupon Services

Dear Clients, Groupon Package Services will be granted 1 time, for new clients ONLY!!! If you had that treatment, like results and wish to continue - please call our office for your next appointment. You can always buy the package of treatments directly in our clinic with a discount price!

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