How Mineral and Genova Diagnostics Contribute to Your Well-Being

mineral-genova-diagnosticsUnderstanding full-body health is key to determining the best treatment, or combination of treatments, for each individual. Mineral and Genova Diagnostics are advanced tools Dr. Lutskovsky of American Regeneration Clinic uses to assess his patient’s health and determine how best to treat illness, disease, or discomfort.

Mineral Diagnostics – how does it help achieve overall health?

Minerals are vital as they ensure different parts of your body are functioning correctly, such as bones, heart, muscles, and brain. American Regenerative Clinic works with a facility in Texas, Trace Elements, to assess the trace minerals in a patient’s body based on hair samples. Testing trace minerals allows Dr. Lutskovsky to understand how minerals are interacting with the body, and if there is a lack in any particular area. The results enable Dr. Lutskovsky and the American Regenerative Clinic family to offer treatment plans for optimal nutrition and health. Insurance often covers Mineral Diagnostics allowing patients to participate.

Genova Diagnostics – how does it help achieve overall health?

Increasingly patients are having trouble with gut and digestive issues. This is important to acknowledge as it can be treated effectively once the root cause is discovered. Analysis of stool, saliva, and urine through Genova Diagnostics often provide valuable insight into food sensitivities. This allows a full-body treatment plan to be developed to return the patient to optimal health, or at minimum, identify and eliminate the food that causes the sensitivities. Genova Diagnostics aid Dr. Lutskovsky, and the American Regenerative Clinic staff, to determine the proper treatment or combination of treatments, required to improve the lifestyle and well-being of the patient. Genova Diagnostics is often covered by insurance allowing patients to take advantage of this advanced technique.

Balanced Diet and Exercise – do they contribute to overall well-being?

Along with medical treatments, a balanced diet and exercise routine contribute to a healthy lifestyle. With the help of Trace Minerals analysis and Genova Diagnostics, Dr. Lutskovsky, and the knowledgeable staff at American Regenerative Clinic will develop a treatment plan for your discomfort, disease, or illness.

American Regeneration Clinic services Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, as well as the surrounding areas, including Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Twp, and Farmington Hills. Contact us to discuss the benefits of Mineral Diagnosis and Genova Diagnostics and how a targeted individual treatment plan will help you thrive.

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