Stem Cell Treatments – When, Where, Why

Stem cell treatments are designed to alleviate pain, generate healthy cells and improve quality of life. With the advancement in stem cell therapy, the American Regenerative Clinic is able to offer stem cell treatments that work with the chemistry of the patient’s own body.

One treatment, or a combination of treatments, will provide everything the body needs to generate healthy cells and begin to heal.

WHEN do I engage in a conversation about stem cell treatments?


If you suffer from chronic illness, immediately engaging in a conversation to understand the benefits of stem cell treatments will result in informed decisions.

The earlier you understand your options, the better you are able to manage your illness and your pain.

At the American Regenerative Clinic, we offer stem cell treatments that are designed to provide the body with natural healing solutions.

Knowing how stem cell treatments, or a combination of treatments, will provide natural healing power will allow you to determine your next steps.

WHERE will my stem cell treatments take place?

If stem cell therapy is recommended for you, the treatment will be scheduled to take place at the American Regenerative Clinic.

The stem cell treatment may be in combination with additional treatments offered at the clinic, to ensure the healing process is as effective as possible.

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Stem cell therapy is a 2-step process and will be completed in a few hours.

The first step is the removal of healthy stem cells from the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow. The second step is to inject the healthy stem cells into the affected joint or area in need of repair.

The good news is many patients experience relief after just one treatment.

WHY is it important to establish a relationship with a stem cell expert?

American Regenerative Clinic has been successfully using stem cell treatments for a number of years. It is important to establish a relationship with a stem cell expert to understand the treatment that will best serve your needs.

Speaking with an experienced medical professional will ensure you understand your options and what they entail.

Recommendations will be based on the stage of your illness and the anticipated improvement to mobility, pain management and general quality of life.

To determine if stem cell treatment is right for you, contact the American Regenerative Clinic. We welcome you to visit our office located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

We also service the surrounding areas including Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Twp and Farmington Hills. We look forward to working with you to determine the best treatment for your needs.

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