5 Tips to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

Skincare for the SpringSkincare Routine for the Spring: Spring has finally sprung! It’s always the best feeling when the sun starts shining and the weather begins to consistently reach higher than 60 degrees every day. Naturally, we start to spend more time outside – riding bikes, having picnics in the park, and even just sitting out in the backyard. But how should we transition our skincare from the cold months of winter to those warmer days of spring? Here are five tips to make sure your spring skin stays as fresh and dewy as the spring air!

1. Swap Your Moisturizer for Something Lighter

While we’ve been soaking our dry skin all winter long in heavy moisturizers, our skin tends to hold more water in the spring and summer months. Moisture is suddenly back in the air when the weather begins to warm up and the spring rains come, so look to swap your moisturizer for something hyaluronic acid-based or a water-based formula. Use the water your skin naturally holds to your advantage and don’t over-moisturize.

2. Light on the Moisture, Heavy on the SPF

While you’re swapping that moisturizer, look for one with a higher SPF than the one you used all winter. SPF 30 can be fine for the winter months when we’re rarely outside and the sun is further away, but as it gets closer again and the temps rise in the spring, it’s time to look at an SPF 50 sunscreen at least to apply daily. Sunscreen should not just be worn on days you plan to spend outdoors either. Sunscreen should be part of your daily skincare routine regardless of your plans.

3. Exfoliate the Winter Skin Away

When we think of exfoliating, we often think of harsh scrubs or rough tools to slough away dead skin. Remember though, our skin always deserves a gentle touch so simply use a gentle exfoliating cleanser formulated with a small amount of glycolic acid to wash away those dead skin cells and unblock pores.

4. Spring Cleaning for Your Skincare Routine

Spring cleaning is for more than just the house! Part of the spring cleaning effort for your skin should be to throw away any products you have that are older than 6 months. Old skincare products can host a buildup of bacteria, which can lead to clogged pores and overall dull-looking skin. You should also aim to clean your makeup brushes once a week with just regular hand soap. You can give them a quick blow dry and you’re good to go for another week of use.

5. Treat Yourself to a Spring Facial

Get the season started off right and book yourself an end-of-winter facial! These are one of the best facials you’ll get all year because sloughing off that dead winter skin feels so good. Try the Mermaid Face Lift Treatment from American Regenerative Clinic with Crushed Sea Pearls and Natural Peptides. This 60-minute treatment is a perfect transition from winter to spring starting with gentle cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a deep rejuvenating mask, and the application of Elina Organics moisturizers selected specifically based on your skin type. It will leave your skin looking brighter, hydrated, and firmer, giving it that sunny spring glow.

If you’re looking for an even more corrective-focused treatment, try our Complete Face, Neck, & Decolletage Rejuvenation Treatment, which is a full 2-hour facial. This treatment includes deep cleansing, extractions, and vacuuming to start, followed by gentle exfoliation, micro-needling, and finally custom masks and moisturizers to bring out the best in your skin.

Make an appointment with the American Regenerative Clinic to find out which facial treatment is right for you. Contact us to book an appointment or if you have questions about any of our treatments.

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