Functional Medicine is holistic and it treats the whole person, to return patients health back to normal functionality. It is a type of alternative medicine. Functional medicine can be viewed as integrative as it uses a systems-oriented approach. It is an evolution by doctors at our clinic that are in the practice of alternative medicine. The doctors at our clinic use functional medicine to better address the health issues of the 21st century. By making a shift from a disease-centric approach, to a patient-centric one, this alternative medicine practice allows our doctors to address the whole individual. Our doctors will spend time listening to patient histories, not just a single set of symptoms. The relationship between patient and doctors then becomes a personalized partnership and it empowers patients to play an active part in their healing. The goal of functional medicine is to create a special collaborative relationship between doctor and patient.

Functional Medicine is…

  1. A science-based approach
  2. A way to treat patients as a whole, rather than a list of symptoms
  3. Commonly used by alternative medicine practitioners

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What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine is any medical therapy that aims to achieve the healing effects of medicine but is not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession. The doctors at our office practice functional medicine which is a type of alternative medicine that is becoming more and more popular as the future of medical care evolves. It is a method for the doctors at our alternative medicine clinic to address the health of their patients in order to return their health back to normal.

American Regenerative Clinic Services

Whether you suffer from chronic disease, or are looking to improve your health and longevity, American Regenerative Clinic will help you to achieve those goals with creating an individual functional medicine treatment plan and providing alternative medicine from the doctors at our clinic.

In additional to our functional medicine services, we also offer: Medical Aesthetics, Skin Care, Stem Cells, Minimally Invasive Thread Lift, Ultra V Lift, Mineral Analysis, High Dose Ozone, 10 Pass Ozone, Prolozone Therapy and More!

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