Alternative Pain Management, Is It Worth It?

Alternative pain management is beneficial for those who do not enjoy traditional methods of pain management, who dislike taking pills or who might find traditional methods or taking pills too costly.
Alternative treatments can offer a holistic view, identifying ways the body can naturally heal itself. If you like a more natural method of treatment, a form of alternative pain management might be the right choice for you. This type of treatment is usually non-surgical and minimally invasive. Some forms of therapy that are offered might include Ozone Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy and Prolotherapy. These types of treatments reduce pain using natural resources or work by stimulating the body’s own healing methods.

Is it worth it to you? Alternative pain management treatments work for those who suffer from body pain, joint pain, inflammation, infection, arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic disease, and more. Forms, such as Stem Cell Therapy, find ways to utilize the resources already found in the body to heal an area of disease or injury. However, there are downsides, sometimes the specific therapy of choice does not heal the area of injury or disease. The therapy must be done correctly, or the patient might experience side effects, which is not usually the case with traditional pain management.

Are you wondering about alternative pain management for yourself or someone you know? If so, you should schedule an appointment with the doctor to discuss questions, costs and your options. Here at American Regenerative Clinic we care about our patients and strive to administer only the highest possible quality of care, from facials to lip and eye treatments and so much more. To learn more about alternative pain management and the rest of our services give us a call at (248) 876-4242.

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