What is an Male Sexual Enhancement Shot?

The Male Sexual Enhancement Shot is a natural male enhancement treatment used for men with Erectile Dysfunction. The Male Sexual Enhancement Shot is one of many cell assisted treatments, meaning it uses the body’s own regenerative function to treat the issue from the inside out. This shot utilizes your own body’s stem cells and growth factors to treat the body.

Why get an Male Sexual Enhancement Shot?

The Male Sexual Enhancement Shot is a treatment that can be utilized by men with Erectile Dysfunction or Penile Fibrosis. The shot uses Platelet Rich Plasma to create long term effects that can last for years. Male Sexual Enhancement Shots increase blood circulation to the male organ and enhance the quality of the erection.

How does the Male Sexual Enhancement Shot work?

The physician will first take a sample of blood from the patient, in order to obtain PRP growth factors. The physician will separate the stem cells from the blood and inject the PRP into the penis. This shot is painless, non-invasive and has little to no side-effects.

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