Prolotherapy Pain Treatment

Chronic joint and muscle pain are commonly experienced by people of all ages. Mobility is a big part of our everyday lives. When we become restricted due to chronic pain, our ability to do the things we love becomes compromised. Prolotherapy is a natural healing solution to repair and alleviate joint and muscle pain with minimal intrusion and lasting effects.

Top 3 reasons to use Prolotherapy

  1. Prolotherapy is a safe and natural way to heal the body of joint and muscle pain
  2. Prolotherapy provides affected areas of the body with much-needed nutrients to begin a natural healing process
  3. Prolotherapy strengthens weak areas of the body reducing or eliminating chronic pain caused by sports injury, reoccurring joint pressure or aging


What is Prolotherapy?

When the ligaments and tendons surrounding a joint are weakened, decreased mobility and chronic pain often occur. Prolotherapy works to strengthen the area through controlled inflammation. Inflammation acts as a protector for damaged areas of the body. It increases nutrient flow to the affected areas which provides natural healing power.

How does Prolotherapy work?

Prolotherapy works with the natural chemistry of your body. Prolotherapy consists of a series of injections to stimulate the ligaments and tendons that support damaged joints. The injections cause a natural and intended inflammation in the area. The inflammation increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients to the damaged area which promotes repair of the tissue itself. Prolotherapy acts as a natural healing agent where the body is experiencing a breakdown of ligaments, tendons or tissue.

How quickly does Prolotherapy take effect?

Patients at the American Regenerative Clinic will begin to feel relief almost immediately. Typically 2-8 sessions are necessary to complete treatment. The number of treatments depends largely on the severity of the injury. This treatment is safe and affordable for those experiencing chronic pain.


If you are curious about Prolotherapy you can read more about it, here. American Regenerative Clinic offers Prolotherapy to the immediate area of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan as well as the surrounding areas including Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Twp and Farmington Hills. We would love to speak with you about the solutions we offer for joint and chronic pain.


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