Can PRP Injections Help Lessen Your Pain?

PRP Injections (Platelet Rich Plasma) can be used as an innovative pain relief treatment strategy that can benefit people in many ways. If you are dealing with body aches and pains or joint inflammation, then PRP injection therapy could be a good option for you as a natural form of treatment. At American Regenerative Clinic, we take great pride in our wide range of natural treatments and remedies for our valued patients. If going under the knife in order to get pain relief doesn’t sound like a good option for you, then natural intervention could be the next choice. PRP is naturally found and produced in our bodies and treatment does not involve invasive entry into the body.

Aside from PRP, Michigan residents can take advantage of natural cosmetic procedures and treatments such as: Facelifts, Threadlifts, Body Threadlifts, Stem Cell Injections, 10 Pass Ozone Therapy, and much more! In this blog by American Regenerative Clinic, we talk about some of the ways PRP Injections can help your pain.

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PRP injections help the body trigger the healing process

We all know that the human body is highly intelligent and has the ability to regenerate itself. When you get a paper cut or sunburn, over time, these wounds will heal by themselves based on the body’s self-healing properties. When it comes to joints, however, the body has a slower healing process because of the restriction of blood flow to these areas compared to other muscles and organs. The key to the body’s healing process is the white blood cells. When you get a cut or burn or another type of injury, your body will send white blood cells through the bloodstream to fight the issues in the affected areas. With PRP Injection Therapy, the blood is drawn from the patient, spun in a centrifuge machine to separate the white blood cells (or plasma), and then that plasma is injected right into the target area. The plasma then promotes new collagen production in the body and reduces inflammation.

They tackle the root cause of pain and provide long-term benefits

Commonly with joint pain, the root cause is a lack of blood flow due to pinched nerves or injured ligaments that have not healed. If ligaments have a poor blood supply, complete healing is hard to achieve. With PRP Injection Therapy, patients can experience relief in their problem areas because the PRP can promote healing in injured ligaments. The purpose is to open up these ligaments and restore blood flow to the injured or inflamed joint. Once you are able to stabilize the joint, the patient can experience long-term pain reduction and even regain functionality.

If you are considering PRP Injections as a natural means of treatment, then American Regenerative Clinic is the place for you. Also consider Threadlifts, Facelifts, 10 Pass Ozone Therapy, and Stem Cell Injections at our Michigan clinic.

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