Can Platelet Rich Plasma Help My Arthritis Pain?

Can Platelet Rich Plasma Help My Arthritis Pain? You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma because of elite athletes using it to recover faster. However, have you heard what it can do for your arthritis? Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, and others have used platelet-rich plasma for sprains and tendon injuries. But you could get arthritis [...]

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What Is Prolotherapy?

What Is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is an injection treatment focused on stimulating healing for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Multiple studies (listed below) have shown that Prolotherapy is very efficient and safe if you want to treat plantar fasciosis or the Osgood Schlatter disease. Prolotherapy is very good for tendonitis treatments, low back pain, and knee osteoarthritis. How [...]

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Prolotherapy Pros and Cons

Prolotherapy, also known as proliferation therapy, relieves chronic pain through an injection of an irritant solution, often a sugar called dextrose. This solution is deposited around an injured or diseased area of the body. The solution increases blood flow and inflammation, jumpstarting the healing process. Prolotherapy follows the notion that the body can heal itself, [...]

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