Body Contouring Inspired by Korea

American Regenerative Clinic is expanding our service offering to include Lipodissolve body contouring and new natural acne scar treatment to provide our patients with cutting edge procedures from across the globe. Our doctors recently went on a trip to Seoul, South Korea to explore new treatments for our clinic. Dr. Lutskovsky works with Dr Han [...]

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Prolozone Therapy Joint Pain Treatment

If you experience knee, back or joint pain, you are not alone. Joint pain often occurs as a result of repeated stress on the joints. As the body ages, the natural stress of daily wear and tear can affect the strength of muscle and joint tissue. Over time, pain and inflammation develops in the damaged [...]

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Prolotherapy Pain Treatment

Chronic joint and muscle pain are commonly experienced by people of all ages. Mobility is a big part of our everyday lives. When we become restricted due to chronic pain, our ability to do the things we love becomes compromised. Prolotherapy is a natural healing solution to repair and alleviate joint and muscle pain with [...]

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