Advantages of Stem Cell Injections

The regenerative medicine field is growing day by day and more and more patients are looking for natural forms of treatment. There are many benefits of stem cell injections and if you are considering this form of treatment for yourself, then you have come to the right place. At American Regenerative Clinic in Michigan, we take great pride in our wide range of natural treatments and therapies for our patients. Michigan residents come to us for treatment and therapy because they are looking for a natural way to combat their ailments. Rather than having to go under the knife and take powerful medications that can cause an array of side effects, why not go the natural route. Stem Cell Injection Therapy is a great natural and non-invasive treatment. However, at our Michigan clinic, we don’t just offer this innovative treatment. Our patients can experience other procedures like: Facelifts, threadlifts, body threadlifts, 10 pass ozone therapy, PRP injectionsand much more! In this blog, we talk about some of the advantages of Stem Cell Injection Therapy.

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What is a Stem Cell?

Our bodies are made up of many different types of cells that are meant to perform specific duties – like red and white blood cells that help fight infections and illnesses, and carry oxygen to areas of the body. As the body grows, stem cells help to create new cells that the body needs. They also replace old or damaged cells that are already existing in the body. Stem cells divide themselves over and over again to produce new cells. They can also turn themselves into other types of cells for various parts of the body.

What are some advantages of Stem Cell Injections?

Avoid surgery and the risks that surgery can bring:
Nobody wants to have to go under the knife to correct pain issues in their body. Being put under with anesthesia and cut open is not the most appealing strategy for most. The downtime of surgery can also be stressful and cause other issues. Stem cell injections are minimally-invasive and non-surgical. The stem cells are taken from the patient’s bone marrow.

No need for general anesthesia:

With stem cell therapy there is no need to be put under with anesthesia. Some people find that part of surgery to be scary, and being put under can cause adverse reactions in some. Stem cell injections can simply involve some numbing cream to the target area.

No risk of rejection:

With stem cell injection therapy, there is no risk that the body will reject the procedure. This is because you are using naturally harvested cells already found in your body.

If you are considering stem cell injections for yourself, hopefully this blog provides some information. Michigan residents should not forget about our other services like: Facelifts, threadlifts, body threadlifts, PRP injections, 10 pass ozone therapy, and much more.

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