Alternative pain management is a medical treatment that is used in place of conventional medicine. For decades, convincing evidence has been gathered that points to the benefits of alternative treatments. Therapies like acupuncture and nutritional supplements have been shown to treat pain. There are several types of alternative pain management such as dietary approaches, therapeutic touch, massages, and even chiropractic therapies, these have all been shown to help manage pain without traditional, or conventional medicines. There is, however, more research that needs to be done that can specifically compare conventional with alternative methods.

There are many reasons people might seek out alternative pain management techniques, sometimes medicine can be too expensive, sometimes it can be ineffective, and some people just don’t want to become dependent on drugs. Because of all of these reasons, alternative treatments have been on the rise and we are constantly learning and perfecting new treatments that don’t require drugs or any of the conventional methods. There are treatment options that use both alternatives and conventional methods, which is called complimentary therapy. This form of treatment uses both alternative pain management techniques and standard ones together.

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