Holistic Skin Care in Detroit Michigan

Holistic Skin Care involves taking a natural approach to caring for your skin, through all aspects of health including emotional, physical and mental. Aging skin can be delayed or even reversed with a holistic skin care approach. The approach taken by holistic skin care revolves around resolving the core cause of poor or aging skin: inflammation. In Detroit Michigan, we take an inside-out approach to skin care by determining the core cause of a skin problem.

Holistic Skin Care Approach in Detroit Michigan

Through a holistic skin care approach in Detroit Michigan, we look to determine why a skin problem is occurring rather than just fixing it from a topical standpoint. If you are unhealthy on the inside, it will affect how you look on the outside. Inflammation is the main cause of poor skin, causing uneven skin tones, breakouts and premature aging. By neutralizing free radicals and keeping a healthy immune system through good nutrition and diet, you can help to reduce the effects of aging, acne or rosacea.

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