Ozone Therapy – A great way to treat joint pain and inflammation

neural-prolotherapy1 joint painAt American Regenerative Clinic, Ozone therapy represents the natural power of healing. Ozone therapy is offered at American Regenerative Clinic as it is a natural solution to joint pain and inflammation resulting from sports injuries, aging or daily wear and tear.

Exercise and active living is great for the body and spirit as well as improves our mental health. It is definitely a great way to release stress and maintain a healthy weight. With continuous use, joints and tendons can become irritated, inflamed and cause chronic pain. Managing this joint pain is key to continuing to do the activities you love and to remain mobile and active.

American Regenerative Clinic welcomes patients who are in need of help with inflammation or joint pain management. The body naturally produces Ozone, however, with a depleted immune system the body may need a boost. Depending on your symptoms and condition, the experts at American Regenerative Clinic will recommend Ozone treatments including Prolotherapy and High Dose Ozone Therapy.

What is Prolotherapy and how does it work?

Prolotherapy is used to treat the tendons and ligaments that are often compromised due to ongoing sport injuries, aging or everyday irritation. Prolotherapy involves injecting a solution, Dextrose, into the tendons and ligaments that support the painful joint. The injection causes inflammation in the joint which triggers an increase in blood flow and nutrients to the area. With this surge of blood flow and nutrients, the body has what it needs to begin to repair itself.

Prolotherapy treatments lead to improved joint function and significantly reduce pain. This treatment plan is an affective natural drug free solution to joint pain. To learn more about Prolotherapy click here.

What is High Doze Ozone Therapy for Joint Pain?

A new treatment to the American Regenerative Clinic in Michigan is High Doze Ozone Therapy. High Doze Ozone Therapy is used to treat a variety of illnesses including, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, chronic infection and skin conditions. For the full list of illnesses treated with High Doze Ozone Therapy click here.

What are the benefits of High Doze Ozone Therapy for Joint Pain?

High Doze Ozone Therapy is an exciting new addition to American Regenerative Clinic. The therapy is an advanced technique that is very popular in Europe, particularly Germany. The procedure involves removing blood from the patient, mixing the blood with ozone, and putting the blood back into the same vein. This advanced procedure is able to increase the volume of blood from the traditional 60 ml to 2 litres. At this volume, the treatment not only boosts immune function, it stimulates new cell growth and kills bacteria. To read more about the benefits of this therapy click here .

Contact us today to discuss how Prolotherapy and High Dose Ozone Therapy can work for you. You can find an American Regenerative Clinic in Bloomfield Hills Michigan and the surrounding areas including Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Twp and Farmington Hills. Your health and your pain management are our priority. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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