What Is Prolotherapy?

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an injection treatment focused on stimulating healing for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Multiple studies (listed below) have shown that Prolotherapy is very efficient and safe if you want to treat plantar fasciosis or the Osgood Schlatter disease. Prolotherapy is very good for tendonitis treatments, low back pain, and knee osteoarthritis.

How does Prolotherapy work?

The way Prolotherapy works is rather easy to understand. What it does is it causes a low-grade inflammation at the injection site. The inflammation is temporary. You activate the fibroblasts in the
area. As a result, this will end up synthesizing the precursors to mature the collagen. What this does is also reinforces the connective tissue. By offering this direct exposure to the fibroblasts, the body will generate collagen deposition, and new cells will grow. As a result, this will help boost the tissue repair sequence. Even biopsy studies showed that such a thing could lead to ligament thickening or tendon strengthening, which is extremely helpful.
You can use the Prolotherapy process for injuries or musculoskeletal pain that does not get resolved in 8-9 weeks. The great thing about Prolotherapy is that it allows you to get an enhanced healing by promoting tissue growth and repair.
One thing to note here is that Prolotherapy does not need to be used immediately after the problem begins. You can use it years afterward if needed. Prolotherapy may not be suitable for people with bleeding disorders, septic arthritis, acute infections, Prolotherapy agent allergies or people that have anticoagulant medication.

Who are the perfect candidates for Prolotherapy?

The list includes people who had surgery and still experience back pain, which get only temporary relief from therapy or who experience lots of joint pain when exercising. Those persons with prolonged tendon or joint/ligament pain will also be interested in this treatment.
Prolotherapy can help bring in some stellar benefits and features. The best part about Prolotherapy is that it works well and it can be adapted to the needs of each person. This is a cutting-edge treatment that can help alleviate chronic conditions when administered by a qualified physician.


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