The Pain of Inactivity

The Pain of Inactivity - American Regenerative Clinic

Long periods of inactivity, sitting at desks, or otherwise are beginning to take a toll on many people. You may even be one of the many people who have experienced more frequent aches and pains in your back, neck and other joints. These are side effects of having to stay close to home during the pandemic. However, we believe that the body has an immense capacity to heal itself from these types of injuries. All it takes is a little stimulation and support from treatments that involve neither surgery nor drugs.  

Getting Used to Inactivity

Recent research has shown that being inactive is as damaging to our health as smoking or obesity. If nothing else, being stationary for a prolonged period makes the body more susceptible to injury as you return to being more active. It doesn’t take long to lose flexibility and strength. Many people underestimate and end up with minor injuries that may be minor but seem to take a long time to heal.  

The Potential of Ozone Therapy

The types of chronic pain caused by repetitive stress or over-use of muscles and joints that have become accustomed to a lack of activity often benefit from ozone therapy. This all-natural treatment is not invasive or painful and offers an alternative medicine solution to treating the pain and inflammation of injured joints. There are several types of ozone therapy, including high-dose ozone and prolozone therapy. In both procedures, a sample of the patient’s blood is enriched with ozone and reinjected at the source of the pain. The ozonated blood is very effective at stimulating the healing process, reducing swelling, and therefore reducing pain.   

Other Beneficial Side Effects

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the desire to get going when you have been stopped for so long. So, this is good news if you are feeling more sluggish as a result of your inactive lifestyle.  Ozone therapy does a great job of reducing swelling and pain, but most patients also report an increase in energy during the day and deeper, more restful sleep at night.   

While the pandemic may be causing many people to feel less like themselves, there are alternative medicine treatments that can help. Pain relief and the healing of new or chronic injuries can be achieved using ozone therapy, prolozone or a combination of other all-natural treatments, including stem cell therapy. Call us for a consultation and get back to your old self by jumpstarting the healing process naturally! 

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