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5 Ways to Keep Winter Skin Glowing


Yes, our days of lying on the sun-soaked beach are over for a while. But our summer glow doesn’t need to fade as quickly as the summer sunshine always seems to! This is part 1 of our winter skin glow blog series and we’re excited to

5 Ways to Keep Winter Skin Glowing2021-11-30T03:05:58+00:00

The 4 Best Acne and Acne Scar Treatments


If you are battling acne or have scarring from acne in the past, the American Regenerative Clinic can help with acne scar treatments. Especially when it comes to scarring treatments, downtime can be a huge drawback to getting smoother-looking skin. But who has time for downtime?

The 4 Best Acne and Acne Scar Treatments2021-10-27T03:34:25+00:00

Tackling Chronic Pain with Perineural Therapy


Have you been living with chronic pain? Whether you’ve been living with pain for months or years, you know how exhausting pain can become over time. It can take the enjoyment out of everyday activities such as exercise and hobbies, or even simple pleasures such as

Tackling Chronic Pain with Perineural Therapy2021-10-27T03:27:14+00:00
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