PRP Ultra V Lift

We are happy to introduce the newest thread lifting techniques for face and body – PRP Ultra V Lift Doctor Andrey Lutskovsky had an honor to visit famous Dermaster clinic of doctor Kwon in Seoul. There he learned from one of the best innovators in minimally-invasive plastic surgery. The newest absorbable PCL threads, used in … Continue reading PRP Ultra V Lift

High Doze Ozone Therapy

High Doze Ozone Therapy is now available at American Regenerative Clinic! If you are not familiar with ozone treatment yet, you have to find out soon. We treated successfully our patients for 2 years with that magic natural gas, and got great results. The most popular way to treat is intravenous ozone application, or what … Continue reading High Doze Ozone Therapy

4 Reasons to Try Our Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift

The PRP Facelift and PRP Facial (similar to the Vampire Facelift) have been sweeping the web. Have you considered getting an aesthetic treatment on your face? Procedures like Botox and surgical facelifts can have dramatic results. However, many of those treatments contain harsh chemicals. Before you risk a botched facelift or damage to your skin … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Try Our Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift

The History of Prolotherapy

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Facials: Extravagance or Necessity?

We Discuss How Making Your Skin a Priority Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Overall Health. Many people think facials and other skincare treatments are luxuries. The masses deemed skincare to be unnecessary to health and wellbeing. We know from experience and research that skincare is essential. An excellent personal care routine is vital … Continue reading Facials: Extravagance or Necessity?

Stem Cell Therapy & PRP : Advanced Healing Techniques

Learn How a Combination of PRP & Stem Cell Therapy Can Relieve Chronic Pain We have discussed Prolotherapy, a form of injection healing, extensively in the past. Prolotherapy stimulates the body to repair damaged ligaments and tendons. This therapy can make invasive surgery irrelevant. But what happens if the body lacks the tools necessary to … Continue reading Stem Cell Therapy & PRP : Advanced Healing Techniques

Have You Heard of “Frotox”? It is the Secret to Youthful Skin.

Beauty bloggers everywhere are rushing out to try this cryo facial treatment. I bet you did not know that you can use the same science that athletes use in the locker room, to get rid of your wrinkles. What science is that? Ice baths of course! “Freezing your face” for beauty might seem crazy at … Continue reading Have You Heard of “Frotox”? It is the Secret to Youthful Skin.

Are You Reactive or Proactive with Your Health?

Most people do not pay attention to their bodies until there is a problem. While we may visit the doctor for checkups but if we are not paying attention to our bodies, we will not know what to ask. If we are not asking the right questions, we are not proactive. Many people have a … Continue reading Are You Reactive or Proactive with Your Health?

Are There Side Effects with Ozone Therapy Treatments?

Ozone Therapy is an Effective Treatment for Many Illnesses, is it Safe? First, what is Ozone Therapy? Ozone is essentially supercharged oxygen. Medical grade ozone is created when oxygen passes through a particular electrical coil. Ozone machines contain these coils and pull oxygen to produce ozone. Many people have reported reduced joint and muscle pain … Continue reading Are There Side Effects with Ozone Therapy Treatments?


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